Hello. I’m Raquel, a web designer and the creative mind behind ‘Dessine-moi un doudou’. I design kits to help you bring your child’s imagination to life.

Fabric and clothing design have always been a passion of mine. I grew up in Portugal among a family of tailors and linen weavers. With the help of my grandparents, I learned about textiles and developed my ongoing love of fabric.

That love of fabric and design continues today. With access to linen and wool of exceptional quality, my home in Belgium has become the perfect place to set up my studio. It is here that I find inspiration for my creations.

I created my first doudou, or hand sewn soft toy, during the winter of 2012. Needing something to do inside with my children, I decided to use one of my daughter’s drawings as a template for a fabric pieced doll. The result was a cuddly soft toy that brought smiles to our faces and something entertaining to do indoors.

In addition to web designing and sewing, I make my own soaps, cosmetics and cleaners. Using natural and locally sourced items and ingredients in my daily life is incredibly important to me. It drives not only how I keep my household but how I put together my products.

I hope you and your children enjoy making the fabric toys from my kits as much as I have!